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and then…

A moment of peace  …everything changed.  His name?  Emmitt Joseph Preston.   And unlike his father, who’s five minutes late to everything, Emmitt arrived six days early, and he was booking!  Five hours of labor from start to finish.  S was amazing.  A rock star.  I couldn’t be prouder of her.

“And how did it all go?”

First, let me just say…neither S nor I know if the ‘doc’ who delivered the baby was an OB…he just showed up half way through pushing (all 15 minutes of it), did some crazy stuff I’ll spend months trying to forget, and BOOM!  “Congratualtions, it’s a boy.”  15 minutes later he’s gone, never to be seen again.  Yes, Emmitt came out fine.  Yes, S is healing really well.  But was he an OB?  Who knows!  Maybe he just slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night.  Did it phase S?  Nope.  How about when she passed out a half hour later?  Did she spook then?  Nope.  And Emmitt…how’s he dealing with this whole “being born” thing?  Very well in fact!  Two weeks in and he’s back to his birth weight, times his pees for maximum devastation, amazes his parents and delights friends and family alike.   All’s well and as it should be.

“Are you getting any sleep?”

Next person who asks is getting a No-Doze where the sun don’t shine.

“How are you adjusting?”

Weirdest part?  A week after my life changed forever, I was back at my desk like it was any other Tuesday.  Very surreal.  But my co-workers, partners, vendors, and enemies have been amazing.  Humans, every one of them.  Now if only I could avoid the caffeine withdrawal shakes, all would be well with the world.