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…and we’re back.

newBut only for a minute.  E is 15 months, walking, and ready to say his first word any day.  And far be it from us to just enjoy the rhythm and routine, we decided E needed someone to play with.  So, we’re having another baby!  Turns out E will be big brother to a baby sister sometime in mid August.  Because, sure!  Why not?  Two under 2?  No problem.  We can’t wait.

This means we need a vaca, and we need one STAT.  To FLORIDA!  Off we go for a week in the sun, S, E, me and S’s folks.  Right on the Beach on Sanibel island.
7 days of sun, sand and s-relaxation.  Man I’m excited.

In other news, I’ve got a new job.  Still with Staples, but now I’ve moved off the Staples Advantage team and transitioned to a position in the Global Digital Expert Center.  When you say it like that it sounds very grand.  And I suppose I can allow myself a little HIP HIP!  Now I spend my day’s listening.  Socially.  Yes, Social Listening is a thing.  And it’s good.  If you are reading this and work for a company with a social presence, you should be doing some form of listening too.  A global company as big as Staples with a significant social following demands a dedicated team to manage the programs (Facebook, Twitter, etc), service the inbound tweets and posts, establish guidelines and best practices, and listen to the social web for anything that’s relevant.  I’m excited to be on the team, and I learn something new every day.  Hip Hip indeed!

But I drone on.  In truth, I’ve had little time and littler interest in keeping this blog up to date.  With active participation on G+, Facebook, Twitter & Vine, and LinkedIn, I feel like there’s not much left to say here that’s not been said elsewhere.  I see now that’s not the case.  Long form!  It’s good.  And I’ll find the time, one way or another.  But right now, I have to get back to packing…shuttle van arrives in just over 12 hours!  Cheers – JP