And then there were two

C and E

A moment in time

Little E has a little sister, C!  E is 2+ and C just hit the 8 month mark. S and I are managing better than expected. C is a champion sleeper, and an all around “happy baby”. She rarely fusses, her smile is gigantic (and infectious) and despite what must be some painful teeth just under the surface, continues to squeal, chirp and babble like everything is AWESOME!

We’re getting ready to move house, and work is busier than ever. In fact, S just got a promotion, and she’s excited, if a little apprehensive about the new responsibilities.  And for me, I could fill every waking hour (and some non-waking) with meetings, slides, spreadsheets and Twitter streams.  And vendors.  Lots and lots of vendors.  Still trying to find that perfect work/life balance.  It seems to shift every day!  Perhaps I should call it a work/life pendulum?

All in all, things are great. We just need to find time to rest, be together as a family, and enjoy this stretch of good fortune. I can’t say blogging is high on my list of priorities. We’ll see if I re-evaluate after we settle at a new address.


UPDATE:  We sold the house!  Or at least…we have an accepted offer.  7 days from listing to offer.  Not bad!  Today is the inspection.  There are strangers poking around the dark places of my castle at this very moment.  (If you just snickered, I can forgive you.)  Hopefully all goes well.  And if not…well, it’s a great house in the summer.  Too bad half my horseshoe pit was usurped for a sandbox!


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I'm white. I'm male. I'm balding. I'm middle aged. I work in a cube. I drive a practical sedan. (It's blue.) I have a college degree. I have a wife, a son a daughter and two cats. I'd probably remind you of someone you know. I am...niche-less.

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