Vacation success

pewI consider it a major victory if I can go 5+ days without wearing socks.  Flip flops, boat shoes, barefoot…whatever.  Just, no socks.

If I don’t have to wear socks, I don’t have to impress anyone.  I don’t have to worry if my belt matches my shoes.  Or if my freshly pressed shirt was frumpified during my commute.  Or if the crappy sink in the bathroom betrayed me to look like an incontinent moron.

If I don’t have to wear socks, I don’t have to wash and pair socks.

Really, going sock-less is wonderful thing. Sock-less = carefree.


About Jon

I'm white. I'm male. I'm balding. I'm middle aged. I work in a cube. I drive a practical sedan. (It's blue.) I have a college degree. I have a wife, a son a daughter and two cats. I'd probably remind you of someone you know. I am...niche-less.

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