Date Night

Went to see the new Woody Allen flick last night, Midnight in Paris.  Admittedly, my expectations were low.  Woody Allen?  Romantic comedy?  Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams?  Was this just going to be a much less funny version of Wedding Crashers?  But it was my wife’s suggestion, and I’d recently ‘dragged’ her to see Super 8, so figured fair was fair.

Maybe it was because I had my expectations so low, or because I really didn’t care if the movie was good or sucktastic.  (I was more interested in my wife”s satisfaction with our date).  But around 20 or so minutes into the film…I was smiling.  The movie did NOT go where I expected it.  And when it was all over, I was surprised how it seemed to have gone by so quickly.  Owen Wilson did a great job of being…Owen Wilson.  Kathy Bates, perfect.  Adrian Brody, funny cameo.  And Corey Stoll (an unknown to me) did a great Hemingway.

My take?  Recommended

No, there were no explosions. No aliens, blood, gore. Heck, I don’t think I even saw a gun.

But I did leave with that rare feeling of unexpected movie-going satisfaction.

…Woody Allen!  Who knew?


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