Delicious ain’t cheap

High in dietary fiberYes, I know avocados aren’t from around here.  And I know I should be enjoying the bounty of early New England summer produce, sourced locally, grown organically, colorful, healthy and oh-so-yummy.  But damn.  Those buttery, pear shaped, thick skinned green globes of delight are so frickin’ TASTY!  If only the didn’t cost $2.50 a piece.



…across the board, the Preston ‘word-O’-the-day’ (or perhaps the summer) is “success”.  Say it out loud.  Draw out that last ‘s’.  Let it hiss and linger as you pump your fist and scrunch your face like you just got punched in the gut.  SucSESSSSSSSS!
Say what you mean, mean what you say.

Kentucky Derby Party – Saturday May 7th

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The P’s will be throwing a full-on, all out, dressed to the 9’s, pinky-out, place your bets, we-need-more-mint Kentucky Derby party on Saturday the 7th.

Invitations are pending, so check your mailbox later this week!  We’ll have page on this site where you can volunteer to bring something to eat, play, or generally admire.  Meanwhile, feel free to call us with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you!